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Empowering Laboratories with Full Versatility (Open System) 


24-Hour Walk-Away Capacity


Learn more about AMGEL247PRO Model

Introducing AMGEL247PRO, the ultimate automation platform revolutionizing laboratory workflows. With its versatile adaptability, AMGEL247PRO seamlessly integrates third-party devices and offers limitless custom protocol design, putting you in full control. Experience unparalleled autonomy as AMGEL247PRO operates independently for over 24 hours with its automatic fridge and freezer system. Its compact size optimizes your lab space, while the attractive price ensures accessibility for all. From enhanced efficiency and accuracy to cost savings and scalability, AMGEL247PRO empowers you to achieve exceptional results, accelerating your scientific discoveries and transforming your research endeavors. Step into the future of automation with AMGEL and unlock a world of possibilities.

AMGEL Pro 24-7 Model consists of independent liquid handlers, 2 robotic arms, 1 heater / shaker,

1 heater / cooler, 1 magnetic bead precipitation unit, 1 Sealer, 1 Seal remover, 1 Fridge, 1 Freezer,

1 Centrifuge, 1 Labware Carousel and 3 ODTC96 PCR. 

Liquid Hanlder 1

SCARA Robotic Arm

A4S Plate Sealer

Labware Carousel

Cooling Centrifuge

Robotic Fridge / Freezer


Liquid Hanlder 2

X-Peel Plate Seal Remover

XARM Robotic Arm


Biohazard Bins

AMGEL247PRO Model Files


This project with acronym AutoMainstreamLab and number ENTERPRISES/0521/0013 is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research Promotion Foundation (RIF).

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