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Fully Automated Laboratories


The laboratory automation market is expected to witness market

growth at a rate of 6.05% in the forecast period by 2028.

According to NHS, the laboratories of the future will be fully automated – there is no doubt about that!   The era of the automation is already here. Businesses around the world are already handing unfulfilling, rule-based tasks to robots. This has been proved to improve efficiency, since it allows to employees to focus on the value-added work. 

When first embarking on automation, many businesses feel like their employees would be replaced. However, in reality, what actually happens in a fully automated enterprise is that robots rule the back office while human employees will add value in the front.   Consequently, every job with a repetitive or rule-based element will be completed by the robots, which will limit human handling inconsistencies. By doing this, the business will be involving more employees in the research journey, which will help a business to scale-up its efforts and ultimately achieve its goals.

Unfortunately, right now, scientists around the world are occupied by tedious, manual, mind-numbing tasks. While many laboratories use automated instruments to eliminate manual tasks, laboratory technicians are still spending hours each day enhancing these machines.


The benefits of EFEVRE TECH’s integrated automation solution, AMGEL

Eliminates unnecessary


Reduces human errors and contamination

Inreases repeatability

and standardization

Imrpoved scale

and staff utilization

In order to meet today’s growing demand, automation is crucial, causing most laboratories to not reach their true full potential. By employing automatic barcoding and media selection automation, a respectable percentage of 87% was noted on reduced manual process errors.   This might suggest that possibly the reduction of human interaction might have played a role in the drop of the results of human handling errors on repetitive procedures. 

NHS Shared Business Service (SBS), chose the highly labor-intensive task of maintaining cashflow files as its first large-scale automation. What used to originally take 20 employees and 2 hours per person to complete one single task can now be achieved in less than five hours. After publishing these results, the attention of stakeholders was grabbed, since NHS SBS has created an entire ecosystem of robots handling over 250 processes. These ground-breaking publications, influenced more laboratories to at least discuss the opportunity of cooperating automation in their laboratories.

Full automation is the end goal – and the path that will get one there varies from business to business depending on their needs. There is no ‘one product fits all’ approach to having a successful laboratory with implementing enterprise-wide automation, which is the reason why EFEVRE TECH offers Custom Laboratory Automations to fulfill every laboratory need.

AMGEL, modular workstation integrated automation solution allows full walkaway time, for 24/7 workability, by robotically and digitally connecting multiple pieces of automated equipment.



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