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EFEVRE TECH combines an agile amalgamation of scientific experts towards a common goal.

Unlock Innovation Together with EFEVRE TECH LTD: Empowering the Future of Automation


At EFEVRE TECH LTD, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge automation solutions and services that empower laboratories and research facilities. With EFEVRE TECH LTD as your trusted partner, you can expect innovative and tailored solutions that optimize your laboratory workflows, enhance efficiency, and drive scientific advancements.


Our comprehensive range of services includes the following:


Robotic Software Engineering (Python)

The development and customized software solutions control and automate robotic movements, enabling precise and efficient operations within laboratory settings.

3D PRINT.png

3D Printing Services

Rapid prototyping, customization, and cost-effective production of specialized components for automation systems,

utilizing advanced technologies and functional prototyping models.


Graphical User Interface (GUI) Development

The development of user friendly designs

of intuitive and customizable interfaces

that facilitate easy control and monitoring software of automated processes, enhancing the user experience. 


Custom Protocol Programming for Liquid Handlers

Program custom protocols for liquid handlers. The development and optimization of protocols tailored to

specific applications, ensuring precise and accurate dispensing of reagents or samples.


2D Technical Drawings

& 3D Industrial Designs

The leverage of expertise to design and develop aesthetically pleasing and functional hardware components and structures that meet the specific requirements of laboratory automation.


Technical Support

and Training

Comprehensive technical support and

training services to assist customers in maximizing the benefits. Assistance troubleshooting and ongoing support to ensure smooth operation and user satisfaction.

Services Use Cases

INNOVOUCHERS / 0722 / 0061

Utilizing our design, manufacturing, and testing capabilities to develop and deliver an automatic disinfection device, ensuring enhanced cleanliness and safety in various environments.

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INNOVOUCHER / 1022 / 0116

Our expertise were combined to develop innovative solutions aimed at enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of medical practices, ultimately improving patient care and outcomes.

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INNOVOUCHER / 1022 / 0127

By leveraging our expertise, we have successfully collaborated with Trinomial Technologies Ltd to establish a robust GUI generation process, optimizing resources and enhancing the quality of solutions.

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3D LINER.png

INNOVOUCHERS / 1022 / 0113

EFEVRE TECH designed new features on MAESTRO webapp, which aims to provide a better communication and increase the performance of the First Responders in an active case.

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INNOVOUCHERS / 1022 / 0112

A successful collaboration by designing the UI/UX and contributing to the development of a comprehensive and user-friendly platform for discovering and engaging entertainment experiences.

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What We Do

We help you Advance, Innovate, and Inspire

Our researchers, scientists, software developers, electrical and robotics engineers, mechanical engineers and designers can provide a wide range of devices and deliver results and state-of-the-art solutions to our clients through our five main business operations. 

Research and Development.png

Research and Development

Employing a multifaceted approach to explore innovative ideas and concepts in Health Science, Biology, Environment Management, Artificial Intelligence and Alternative Energy.


Design and Prototyping

Creating and refining prototypes and innovative devices to address specific needs and challenges in their target fields. EFEVRE TECH's prototype business operation involves identifying problems or opportunities in their target fields, developing innovative solutions, and iterating on designs through collaboration, testing, and refinement to ensure customer needs, technical feasibility, and market potential are met.

Testing and Refinement.png

Testing and Refinement

Build a working prototype and test it for functionality, performance, and user experience. Gather feedback from potential users, industry experts, or other stakeholders, and use this information to refine the prototype design.

Market Validation and Retail.png

Market Validation and Retail

Showcase the prototype to potential customers, industry partners, or investors to gather feedback, validate market demand, and identify potential improvements. Marketing and selling their innovative devices and prototypes to customers around the globe, catering to the diverse needs of individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Customer Focus.png

Customer Focus

Always keeping customer needs and necessities at the forefront of their operations, ensuring that their products and services effectively address the challenges faced by their clients.

What we Do
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