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Minimize temperature fluctuations on your benchtop!

The cooling water bath for all Life-Science laboratories.


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Revolutionize your laboratory workflow with CoolScience - the cutting-edge solution to eliminate the hassles of traditional ice usage! Say goodbye to constantly changing temperatures, inconsistent scientific results, and wasteful practices in your lab. 

CoolScience offers precise and constant temperature control, ensuring reliable results and repeatability in your experiments. Additionally, our innovative system reuses melted ice, minimizing waste and reding your environmental footprint. CoolScience provides Life-Science laboratories with abundant, instantly distributable, and reusable cooling liquid or beads, eliminating the inconsistencies and wastage associated with traditional ice usage.

Don't let ice scarcity disrupt your laboratory's productivity. With CoolScience, you will achieve optimum adaption and replication of experiments, resource optimization, and a significant water reduction waste.

CoolScience Model Files


This project with acronym CoolScience and number CONCEPT/0722/0032 is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Republic of Cyprus through the Research Promotion Foundation (RIF).

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