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Inclusive Excellence: Our Gender-Responsive Policies for a Thriving Workplace

Based on the principles of promoting inclusivity and excellence, our company establishes the following policies:


1. Inclusion and Diversity: We foster an inclusive organizational culture, valuing diversity in all aspects of our human resource management. We strive to eliminate unconscious biases and create an environment that respects and values individuals from diverse backgrounds.​


2. Gender-Sensitive Decision Making: We promote awareness among our decision-making body to ensure gender sensitivity in internal processes and procedures. We encourage equitable representation and participation at all levels, recognizing the value of diverse perspectives.


3. Integration of Gender Dimension in Research and Innovation: We are committed to integrating the sex and/or gender dimension into our research and innovation content. By doing so, we enhance the quality and relevance of our work and contribute to advancing knowledge and excellence.


4. Addressing Gender Challenges: We take proactive measures to address gender challenges within our organization. We work systematically to identify and overcome barriers, implementing transversal measures that promote equal opportunities, support career development, and ensure a safe and inclusive work environment for all.

These policies reflect our commitment to creating a fair, inclusive, and gender-responsive company culture. By embracing these principles, we strive to promote excellence, innovation, and equal opportunities throughout our organization.

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