EFEVRE TECH LTD (named after a Greek word meaning ‘to invent’), is an R&D Biotechnology startup company established in Larnaca in June 2018 by two passionate individuals who are highly skilled in their respective scientific fields: Dimitris Kyriakou, PhD in Molecular Biology and Antonios Inglezakis, Masters in Electronics and Computers engineering and Embedded systems engineering. 

Our mission

Empower Life Science Researchers worldwide to generate

high volume of REPRODUCIBLE data in a short period of time!


1. We provide you a high tech, autonomous, versatile and compact system for automation of many different core laboratory procedures, called AMGEL !


2. Load easily any laboratory protocol to AMGEL through our interactive, open-access, free online library (under-development).


3. Score the laboratory protocol online, upload your own and share it with the scientific community to be used and scored.


4. Maximize your research efforts by performing your experiments non-stop, overnight, during weekends and at any time and day you like by accessing AMGEL remotely or programming it according to YOUR NEEDS.

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Check the results of this successful project for AMGEL testing!


AutoMated GEneral Laboratory (AMGEL)

AMGEL will innovate the way health science studies are performed since it will:

  • Increase consistency due to reproducibility of experimental steps with robotic accuracy

  • Maximize efficiency by performing experiments simultaneously, around the clock and without mistakes

  • Generate results even in cases of shortage in resources

  • Save time for researchers, necessary for studying, conference attendance and publication of their results

  • Eliminate the waste of samples and reagents

  • Document with pictures and video the progress of each experiment in order to give the opportunity to correctly troubleshoot any unexpected outcomes (e.g. due to sample contamination, mispositioned reagent by users etc).

  • Harvest samples throughout the experimental procedure which could be used as quality controls to determine the efficiency of each experimental step. This task, even though is crucial for ensuring consistency of results, is very difficult to be performed manually due to time-constrains and the large number of samples needed to be collected in each single experiment.

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Laboratory automation of any  biochemical, molecular and genetic assay that needs sample incubation by heating/cooling, precise pipetting, centrifugation, mixing by shaking and by pipetting and precipitation of magnetic beads.

Our easy-to-use interface (currently under development) will allow any laboratory protocol to be easily implemented!


Full lab in only 3 cubic meters!

Our compact design allows the automation of reactions in twenty-two(22) 96-well plates. 

The same platform houses a large centrifuge and can include multiple thermoshakers and/or magnetic modules to cover all your laboratory needs!

All the above equipment are house in a platform with the following dimentions:

145cm x 80cm x 200m (WxDxH).


24/7 working capabilities 


Remote control


Observe and document your experimental process through mounted cameras 


Since August 13th 2019, we are publicly displaying AMGEL prototype at the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Cyprus.
Interested to see AMGEL working?  View the following short video and request a demo.
To schedule a demo of AMGEL prototype (available early 2020), please fill in your contact details.

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